Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tassie Scone Recipe

This is proving a great alternative to bread for us during our local food challenge - whilst not strictly 100% Tasmanian - it's pretty close, and very delicious. While there is cheese in the recipe, this serves to help bind the flour, which is low in gluten, rather than providing a cheesey flavour.


1 1/2 cups Tasmanian Wholemeal Flour (from the Bignell Farm at Oatlands)
3 tsps baking powder
dash of salt
30gr butter (such as Elgaar Farm Unsalted)
about 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese (such as King Island Stormy Bay)
3/4 cup milk
extra flour for dusting bench

Rub the room temperature butter into the flour (including baking powder and salt), then mix all ingredients together - makes a fairly wet dough. Press gently onto floured surface (I tend to scatter flour on top to stop my fingers sticking to the dough) til about 2cm thick. Cut with scone cutter (or similar), brush top with a little milk - place on baking tray close together. Put into hot oven (180 degrees in my fan forced oven) for about 15 minutes.

My very sophisticated scone cutter!


Michelle said...

I made scones yesterday..glad to see we have the same style of scone cutter!!!

Where do I buy the flour from Oatlands?


Jen said...

Hi Michelle - thanks for your comments!

I bought the flour from Matthew Evans who has the Rare Foods stall at Salamanca. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he's taking this week off but he'll be there the following week. I tried to buy directly from the family but had no luck - not sure if anyone else sells it.

All the best, Jen