Monday, December 22, 2008


... a time to confess....

On the lead up to beginning our challenge I went seriously overboard on all those yummy foods and drinks that I was concerned about being 'deprived' of during the four months (ie 20 gazillion cups of black tea, chocolate, wines, bread, pasta, and so on). I'm not feeling proud of myself - especially now as I sit here in my too-tight jeans on a warm day carrying at least an extra 6 - 8 kilos for my efforts.

I'm not sure what triggered this famine mentality in me, but the result was what seemed a justifiable denial of self-restraint, backed up with a belief that any extra weight would just drop-off once we got started. I'm sad to report that I received a huge reality check this morning after standing on the scales - after 3 weeks on the challenge I have put on another 2! eek! and we haven't even got through Christmas yet....

Johan has lost weight - not sure how much but he's looking very svelte and happy with himself. He puts it down to no more coke, and healthier lunches.

I'm pretty sure the lesson in this for me is about balance. It's been a hectic couple of months - it's time to settle down, savour what we have, make time to work in the garden and run around with the kids, and be grateful.

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