Tuesday, November 25, 2008

International Buy Nothing Day - November 29th

Buy Nothing Day Imagery from their site

I've been reconnecting with friends, past & present, via Facebook this week. One of them forwarded me this link, which is all about 'Buy Nothing Day' - the title explains the gist of what it's all about!


Here's some of the events they advocate for the day:

  • pass out flyers and or do a performance in shopping areas, trains stations in town or shopping malls (note: If the space is privately owned, the security guards will probably show up soon. In public space you may have to register with the police, beforehand, but business owners cannot chase you off.)

  • street performances: funny costumes are de rigeur. Santa Claus doing weird things (meditating, ), the shopping-dropping act (walking laden with insane amounts of shopping bags, pretending to collapse under them.

  • Demonstrations: on foot or bicycle

  • a stand selling nothing (with a hawker), or a shop space with empty shelves and a register with only zeros on the receipts

  • postering blitzes: put stickers and posters up in town (FOR THE RECORD: we are not encouraging illegal postings, and recommend that you do not damage whatever is below it)
    no shopping inside a supermarket or mall; a large group of people push around empty shopping carts and baskets

  • credit-card cut up service station

  • creating a shopping free zone: put a sofa and other furniture in a shopping area, create a cosy atmosphere, give out free tea and BND pamphlets

  • teach-ins, discussion group meetings, video screenings, BND poster exhibitions, free concerts

Sounds like fun!!!

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