Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Despite the erratic weather last week - a mixture of Tassie spring bright days combined with cloud and snow offerings, we managed to create 26.3 KwH of energy with our Solar PV system.

I'm very enthusiaistic about collecting data on our energy usage at the moment - especially as we're already exceeding my expectations as we work towards becoming grid neutral over summer.

I've worked out that last year at the same time we used 315 Kwh per week (approx 45 Kwh per day).

Last week we used around 46 Kwh for the whole week (this includes exporting our power to the grid).

I'm over the moon with that result as we didn't really scrimp for power (I'll confess to having used the dryer once, and the electric heater was used when I was too lazy to light the fire).

It makes what we are setting out to achieve actually seem possible!!!

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